Wordwyse Marketing Workshop for Authors

February 25, 2017 in Mount Vernon, Texas
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Wordwyse Marketing Workshop for Authors

February 25, 2017 in North East, Texas
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An Event Not to be Missed!

WordWyse Marketing Workshop for Authors!

One of the most important parts of the author journey. Get this step right!

Did you launch your book with high hopes of it going to the moon? Then it fell off short of the roof?

You need to market! And at this WordWyse Marketing Workshop, you’ll learn how to reach the stars. A One-Day marketing Marathon you absolutely must attend!

Gain knowledge for success in marketing.

Our faculty will share from their wealth of experience to offer information you didn’t even realize you needed to know! And the highly prized Syllabus goes home with you! All attendees rave over its value!

Learn what to do when from start to finish in marketing your new book


What to Do When, Start to Finish

Learn when and how to begin marketing your new book with guidelines from pre-publication to launch that covers the timeline of a year out, six months, ninety days, sixty, thirty, two weeks then one week.

Plan your work and work your plan. Napolean Hill

Learn how to be a pro at Promotion. Increase your book sales with motion.


Promoting yourself. It’s uncomfortable, but if you don’t, writing becomes pointless.

If your title is to be successful, there will definitely need to be some motion on your part, so discover how to be a pro at it! There are so many ways to accomplish this! WordWyse not only shares hundreds, we share which ones work and how others proved disappointing–from free to paid promotions, face-to-face events, virtual parties, and oh so many more! At the end, you’ll definitely feel equipped.

“Without promotion, something terrible happens . . . nothing!”  P. T. Barnum

Learn how to use Facebook and Pinterest to bring attention to your brand. Create beautiful images people love.

Reaching the Masses

Using Social Media to Sell Yourself

The story is written, the book is in hand. Now it’s time to face real people…and brag about your own self—isn’t that pride?—and tout your own work as worthy…even more than worthy, not to be denied! For many, not an easy task, but the WordWyse Marketing Workshop will prepare and enlighten you. No longer in the dark, you can race toward success! Learn how to use Facebook and Pinterest to reach more readers and all about making images people love.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin


Pattie Ball

Pattie Ball

Award winning, bestselling author Pattie Ball says, “I’ve won some awards but I know you’d much rather hear the juicy stuff, so here it is. I’ve been married to the same man since dirt, but always introduce him as my “current” husband. I don’t want him to get too comfortable in that role! I hate talking on the telephone…so don’t call. A really sharp pencil makes me happy…part of my OCD. I write under pen name, Ann Everett, because I think my real name, Pattie Ball, sounds like something you’d order at a concession stand. Ann is my middle name. Everett is my husband’s.”

With nine titles, she actively writes, markets and speaks at many writers’ events. For more on Pattie Ball’s writing, visit her site at www.anneverett.com.

Caryl McAdoo

Caryl McAdoo

With almost thirty published titles,Caryl McAdoo writes, publishes and markets four series. The award-winning, bestselling author spends much of her non-writing time marketing! In 2015, she released eleven titles and kept up with cover reveals, launch parties, monthly personal events, and almost monthly fairs and festivals which moved 250,000 books into her readers’ hands. She prays her story gives God glory with a focus to serve His Kingdom; her love of helping others led to the birth of WordWyse Expos. See more at www.carylmcadoo.com.

Janis McAdoo

Janis McAdoo

Janis McAdoo is the founder and CEO of Rocksteady Resolutions, a company that assists people with getting results…and her passion is helping others succeed. She comes alongside small business owners who yearn for success and helps them bring their vision to reality. The majority of her clients are indie authors.

She spends her days creating and maintaining WordPress websites as well as managing social media accounts.

For more information on Rocksteady Resolutions, visit www.rocksteadyresolutions.com

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2017 Marketing Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Pattie Ball shares the best places to invest your marketing dollar for the biggest returns.

Make Facebook Work For You

What kind of content do I post? When do I post? Janis McAdoo will share how to use Facebook Insights/Analytics and Audience Insights to determine what to post and when. Learn tools that will help make Facebook work for you.

Marketing Mojo

Pattie Ball presents a step-by-step marketing plan with a calendar of when to do what from launching your book to post publication.

Parties, Promos and Blog Tours! Oh My!

Caryl McAdoo offers her in-the-trench experience to help you in marketing your titles to reach the masses. There’s a million ways to do everything in 2017, but the successful author shares what she’s tried and found true, including the companies that have been helpful and those that have not.

Pinterest Marketing

You’ve heard about Pinterest. You know you should be using it. But, why? And, how? Pinterest is the largest driver of traffic of all the social media platforms. Visitors convert from leads to sales faster than the other social media platforms as well. Janis McAdoo will share tips and tricks on using Pinterest to drive visitors to your website.

Worth a Thousand Words

Ah yes, pictures! Our populace loves pictures these days—photos saves them all that reading! Time; images say it with a glance. Learn tips on posting photos and creating memes! What’s a meme, you say? Discover the best tried and true places to go online to #1 obtain your photos (what to look for to avoid stealing copyrighted photos) and #2 edit same. Caryl McAdoo shows how to make images people love.

Save with Groups of 4 or more!

Save $10 each when you register a group of 4 or more! Contact us after registering. expo@wordwyse.com

Alumni, Bring Syllabus and Save!

Save $10 off your registration by bringing your syllabus. We’ll pass out new information to add to what you’ve got! Contact us after registering. expo@wordwyse.com


Read what previous participants had to say about WordWyse Exposytions

Do Yourself and Your Writing Career a Favor, and GO!

I attended this exposition expecting to pick up a tip or two. What I got was a wealth of information! Too much to fully absorb, but they prepared for that too! By having a binder ready then passing out the information that each speaker was giving us. I call my binder My Writers Bible! Lol. If you ever have a opportunity to attend a WordWyse expostion, do yourself, and your writing career a favor, and GO!!!!

Mary May

Author, Facebook/Mary May Angel Books

In a word, the weekend was….priceless!

Thank you so much, Caryl, for putting together an amazing event. Been spending my day going through the materials and searching out all the valuable information you and the other speakers were so gracious to share. In a word, the weekend was….priceless!! Looking forward to the next one. God Bless you, my friend.

K. L. Hughes

Author, KLHughes.com

I highly recommend this expo for any indie author out there!

I just spent an amazing weekend at the WordWyse Expo that focused on marketing for authors. I met some talented, amazing, and hilarious people this weekend. I’m so thankful that Teri Burns suggested I attend. There was a lot of information to take in. I hope I don’t lose ANY of it while I take my time going through it all. I highly recommend this expo for any indie author out there!

K Wendt

Author, www.ladybugwritings.com

Join us at Cultural Arts Center of Mount Vernon for WordWyse Marketing Conference for Authors
Join us for the WordWyse Marketing Workshop for Authors at Cultural Arts Center of Mount Vernon


February 25, 2017

For this Author Workshop, WordWyse Expo has procured the Cultural Arts Center of Mt. Vernon (Franklin County Arts Alliance) in Mt. Vernon, Texas. It’s located 2.8 miles north of Highway 30. 20 miles East of Sulphur Springs and 13 miles West of Mount Pleasant.

Cultural Arts Center of Mt. Vernon/Franklin County Arts Alliance is located at 100 North Rusk Street in Mount Vernon, Texas. To get there, from Hwy. 30  Exit onto TX-37 north to Mt. Vernon. Turn Right onto Main Street. The fourth street on the Left is North Rusk Street. Turn Left. The Cultural Arts Center will be on the Left. If you’re spending the night, find accommodations in Mt. Vernon or other lodging can be found in Mount Pleasant, 13 miles east or in Sulphur Springs, 20 miles west.

Classes are all on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Registration starts at 8:30 am; classes at 9 am. Day’s done at 7 pm with lunch included. The prized WordWyse syllabus goes home with you.


I’ll be signing up for the next one and hope it happens soon!

I can’t thank you enough, everyone who helped to put this together, for the wonderful weekend. My mind is buzzing with ideas and things I need to do. I appreciate how the classes were geared toward helping Indie authors build their business and become successful marketers. This conference covered such topics as social networking, how to use your website, building a newsletter list, public speaking and finding a team to help.

I’ll be signing up for the next one and hope it happens soon. Thanks again and my God bless your endeavors mightily.

Jackie Castle

Author, www.jackiecastle.com

Can’t wait til the next seminar conference!

I’ve been to many conferences around the country, and none compare to the wealth of info I’ve received this weekend. I find I’ve unknowingly committed errors in ignorance, errors that have never been addressed until this WordWyse weekend. Can’t wait til the next seminar conference!

DiAne Gates

Author, www.prismbookgroup.com

This one, by far, has been the most informative and most inspiring!

I’ve been to several conferences, and this one, by far, has been the most informative and most inspiring. The information was so useful and helpful, and also very interesting. Thank you so much for taking the time, and for sharing all of your wonderful knowledge. I am so blessed to be here!

C.K. Laughlin

Author, C.K. Laughlin

Save with Groups of 4 or more!

Save $10 each when you register a group of 4 or more! Contact us after registering. expo@wordwyse.com

Alumni, Bring Syllabus and Save!

Save $10 off your registration by bringing your syllabus. We’ll pass out new information to add to what you’ve got! Contact us after registering. expo@wordwyse.com