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Caryl McAdoo here.

I recently attended a book event with fourteen other authors and discovered a need. Most independent authors –a.k.a. Indies—are writers, not marketers, yet, wearing that hat is a must to experience any level of success in this new publishing environment.

I am all about fulfilling needs, helping others, supporting them in their journey to succeed. Ask anyone who knows me well.

The event was in Arkansas, so on my way home to Red River County, Texas, the Lord gave me an idea; a way to help, to fill a need in my industry, to help fellow authors achieve success. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times this year that I’ve been amazed at what all God has allowed my brain to soak up this year. And it is so true.

I’ve been a marketer all my life. From 2nd grade on, I won my school’s contest for selling the most raffle tickets then grew up to sell everything from Avon to asphalt. I’ve been an author since 2000 and now have twenty-four titles to my credit. In 2014, my first book from a major traditional publisher, Simon and Schuster, debuted. That was in March.

In April, I published my first Indie, then another in September, and a third in November. With my husband’s blessings, I took on the gargantuan task—at God’s leading and ONLY by His grace—to release eleven titles in 2015. Actually planned ten then added a June release for the eleventh. In November, 2015, I successfully fulfilled my goal. To God be the glory!

In 2015, I also learned an astounding amount of information regarding marketing. I do not claim to be an expert, but remember, I’ve been a marketer all my life like my daddy before me! And God gave me a gift to organize! Uh-hem. Not my house so much, but events??? I’m a natural!

After much prayer, a go ahead from my husband—he tells everyone he couldn’t talk me out of it—and the Lord’s urging, I decided to go with the idea. First thing I did was to call my daughter-in-love, Janis McAdoo. She’s a virtual assistant and website designer and social media genius and Mail Chimp wonder! I knew I needed her!

So, she liked the idea, and WordWyse was born. Our goal is to give God glory and serve. Want to read my BIO?

Janis McAdoo here.

Caryl McAdoo is one of those visionaries whose list of ideas never ceases to amaze me. She called me on the way home from an event to tell me about an idea to create an exposition to focus on helping indie authors through each step of their publishing journey. The first exposition would be: marketing.

When I talk with authors and other women small business owners, they are least comfortable and knowledgeable with the online marketing aspect of their business. They have a specialty and marketing is not it.

Social media is an ever-changing beast. It literally changes on a daily basis. Just keeping up with it all can sometimes be a full-time job.

I understand how hard it is to wrap your head around it, especially those that are just starting out. I’m a technical virtual assistant. I come alongside small business owners and small mom & pop’s and relieve burdens by managing their online presence with my WordPress website services, social media management, Mailchimp email marketing and other business support.

My desire is to help others succeed, to remove the intimidation of social media, and to save my client’s valuable time.

To that end, I founded Rocksteady Resolutions, a company that assists people with getting results. I love to build things (and maintain them): Systems. Processes. Websites. Social media. My clients say I make them shine. 🙂

Many years in the corporate office of a large, nationwide, telecommunications company, I learned how to save money, manage time wisely, and be effective and efficient.

That served me well in several years following in managing the office of a small construction business. On a slim budget, discovering how to maximize the use of technology and hone organizational skills became a must to keep up with a high volume of work. I also supported sales and figured out the way to stay on top of the constantly moving components of the business.

Naturally responsible and dependable—rock solid—founding Rocksteady Resolutions was a no-brainer and fulfilled my desire to come alongside small business owners who yearn for success and help them bring their vision to reality.

Away from the computer, I enjoy reading a good novel, hanging out with a few furry friends, working outside in my garden, or bringing a piece of discarded furniture back to life—a DIY enthusiast! Born and raised in Texas, I currently live in Irving, a suburb just west of Dallas. You can read my bio here.

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