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Indie writing – Crafting Creative Fiction

Where to raise the curtain, Hook, Point of View, Story goal, Three Acts, Characterization, Dialogue and Marketing Head Start

Creative fiction is different from all other forms of writing. It isn’t just all about spelling and punctuation and telling a story. Readers want to escape, live vicariously through the characters in a novel, and experience places and adventures they might never have the opportunity to outside the pages of a good book. Learn how to give them what they want.

So you’ve written “The End.” Now what do you do? This step can be the difference in failure or success for the Indie Author. Go to WordWyse!

Indie Editing – Crucial Steps prior to Indie Publishing

Editing, Beta Readers, Editing, Proof Reading, Editing, Platform, Branding, and Marketing Head Start

You have completed your manuscript, now what do you need to do to be sure it’s ready for readers? The worst possible thing you can do for your work and your name is to rush to publication with an inferior product. This step may be the hardest to get through because it involves patience and lots of outside help to get that story ready for the marketplace and into the hands of readers! Traditional publishers offer readers clean, error free novels. Do not settle for less!

Now how to get the story you’ve written and edited on your computer to the formats need to create both print and eBooks ready for readers? Get help from WordWyse!

Indie Publishing – From Computer to Bookshelf

Formatting, Designing, Covers, front and Back Matter, Publishing options, and Marketing Head Start

The manuscript has been through the wringer. It’s clean and as error free as possible, and the time has come to get it out to the public in a form they’re used to. In this exposition, learn how.

Distribution has opened the world to Indie Marketing authors, but they must wear a new hat…and seek WordWyse!

Indie Marketing – Navigating the Indie Marketplace

Time line, Website, Blog, Social Media, Promotions, Signings

Though you may be a creative writer and not a blue-suede-showed salesman, this may be the most important—albeit egregious—part of the journey because everything done before now depends on getting this step right. Build a strong foundation, avoid pitfalls, and profit from the knowledge of those who have gone before.

WordWyse Expositions will be scheduled each time an Expo—Indie Writing, Indie Editing, Indie Publishing and Indie Marketing—is formed through pre-registrations. We can come to any state, any city, where Indie Authors* need our help.

Check which Expos are making and where. Register today for the specific teaching you need in the area you need it, or jump in to complete another ‘close enough’! With these fees, you can afford to travel! WordWyse will hold as many expositions in as many places as need demands; each in lovely venues with great faculties and within a three-hour drive (when possible) from our Indie Authors’ home!

Tell your writer friends to sign up! Get a group together, and we will come!

Other Expositions for Indie Authors may be added, so stay up to date. Get the WordWyse Newsletter! (see signup form below). Tips in every one!

* While these expositions are geared toward Indie Authors, the material covered easily applies to traditionally published authors as well. All are welcomed.

WordWyse is dedicated to supporting each step of the Indie Publishing Author’s journey—writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.

Founded as a service oriented, not-for-profit company, the heart of WordWyse is to help those independently published or Indie Authors. Indeed, a rare breed because though many folks think about writing a book, only a very few actually get around to accomplishing that feat, and even fewer to achieve being an Indie published success. So, kudos and congratulations are due to each and every one of you. Our hope is to assist you on your road to success.

What exactly does WordWyse do? Hold expositions for face to face, personal Indie Publishing and Marketing support.

Ah, a story idea has been fermenting in your heart—or head—for some time and needs writing. But where to start? You need WordWyse!

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Februar 25, 2017in North East, TX
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